Oil was not changed timely

Bulk Oil Problems

I can buy a 7230 tractor, but the previous owner did not change oil at 1000 hours mark. Should I buy the tractor?

Modern oils can really go a long way under favorable conditions. The recommended John Deere oil change intervals for this tractor should be 500 hours with proper oil and filter. If the tractor is like for a casual job or a hay tractor, one time 1000 hours on oil change may not be the end of the world. If the 1000 hour oil filter also went unchanged, this is really not good. So if everything else about this tractor suits you, pull an oil sample, and see what the results are. Then decide. It’s not like it’s been used for 10 years this way. If blowby is good, at worst, the underhaul should not be dramatic.

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