Glow plug light problem

John Deere 7230 glow plug light problem Problems

Why would my glow plug light be flashing when running John Deere 7230?

Check the codes. Usually a flashing spark plug light means there is an ECU code.

The first thing you would do is check the fuel filter / water separator for the water. Even a little water will make the light flicker. Power will also be reduced if there is water in the fuel.

It is an easy thing to check, and it may solve your problem. Otherwise, you may have to check the codes with the Service Advisor.

You may also want to check all your filters for problems.

I have a 7130 that did the same. I thought it was a bad sensor for water in fuel, but it turned out to be a broken wire at the injection pump. I think it was a fuel temperature sensor. The engine never crashed. I put a connector on it and zipped it up to keep it from moving and breaking again.

Cleaning the cooling system takes care of this, along with making sure the coolant level is good. I’ve never seen a tractor that needed to clean the radiator and coolers so much, and we don’t run it on dirty air.

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