Headlights problem

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Here’s a common headache for John Deere 7230 tractor owner. When you start the tractor sometimes the headlights and the flashers come on with headlight switch in off position. To solve this problem,  I turned off ignition and restart it but no change. This frequently causes ignition fuse to blow which needs to be replaced.

The most common problem is the switch. If you don’t have a working headlight switch, it is possible to flip the switch and see if any light comes off.  

If it seems to come on again, it is likely the problem is with the ground. Try replacing or cleaning all the ground wire and cable connections that you can find.

If that doesn’t work than check for bare wire possibly rubbed through harness or chewed by rats. It might be difficult to locate the rubbed wire, so you will need to remove panels or console to see it.

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