John Deere 7230

John Deere 7230

The John Deere 7230 is a 7030 Series Small Frame 2WD or 4WD Row Crop Tractor. This tractor was manufactured by John Deere in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany from 2007 to 2017.

The John Deere 7230 is a 10,4 t machine with a John Deere engine that powers this model with up to 186kW or 249 horsepower. This John Deere 4×4 tractor belongs to the segment of larger machines in the category of 4×4 tractors. The size of the 7230 is 2.544m x 5.278m x 3.313m.

The 7230 is manufactured and distributed with a cab and air conditioning. It has been sold without front air PTO, ISO Bus and front hydraulics as of 2017.

The John Deere 7230 is equipped with one of two 6.8 L turbocharged diesel engines and one of four transmissions: a full synchronous shift transmission with 12 forward and 4 reverse gears, a full synchronous shift transmission with 16 forward and 16 reverse gears, a partial power shift transmission with 16 forward and 16 reverse gears, or a partial power shift transmission with 24 forward and 24 reverse gears.

The tractor can be equipped with the following engines:

  • John Deere 6068HL280. This is a 6.8 L, 6,800 cm 2 (415.0 cu-in) six-cylinder turbodiesel with 106.0 mm (4.17 in) cylinder bore and 127.0 mm (5 in) piston stroke. This engine produces 137 PS (100.7 kW; 135.0 HP) at 2,300 rpm of power output and 527.5 N-m (53.8 kg-m, 388.8 ft-lb) at 1,500 rpm of torque.
  • John Deere 6068HL282. It is a 6-cylinder, 6.8 L, 6,800 cm 2 (415.0 cu-in) turbodiesel engine. The cylinder bore is 106.0 mm (4.17 inches) and the piston stroke is 127.0 mm (5 inches). This engine produces 137 PS (100.7 kW; 135.0 HP) at 2,300 rpm of power output and 541.0 Nm (55.18 kg-m; 399.26 ft-lb) at 1,500 rpm of torque.

7230 is equipped with hydrostatic power steering, differential hydraulic wet disc brakes, two-post ROPS or cab (optional), and a 207.0 liter (54.7 US gallon; 45.5 Imp. Gallon) fuel tank. .

John Deere 7230 tractors are designed to combine the versatility of a utility tractor with enough power to perform in the field, whatever the project. The John Deere 7230 Tractor does just that, including several features from the inside and outside that set it apart from the rest. Long days in the field can seem much shorter while operating this machine, thanks to these features.

John Deere 7230

So, let’s take a close look at some of these specs and what makes the 7230 stand out from the crowd.

Power and efficiency: It all starts with power. Without enough power for the job, all other features will be irrelevant. The 7230 features a 9L PowerTech PVX engine with up to 280 hp at rated speed. These powerful engines take a “DieselOnly” approach to meeting Stage III B standards, so overall performance is not sacrificed to fuel efficiency.

CommandView II Cab: Let’s climb inside the 7230, where the operator really has an office on wheels. The CommandView II cab features a spacious interior with large glass surfaces and a comfortable instructor seat. The ActiveSeat option, which absorbs up to 90% of vertical movements, is available for those who want to take comfort to another level. Stay cool even on the hottest days with the roof-mounted air conditioning system, which can be adjusted from the remote control located on the armrest. While you stay cool, block out any outside noise while listening to your favorite music with 4 high-quality speakers and a subwoofer built into the cabin.

Active Drive Steering: To minimize operator fatigue, the 7230 also features a dynamic stability control steering that adjusts the angle of the road wheel based on the lateral acceleration of the tractor. This feature helps the vehicle stay in line even on rough and bumpy terrain. Control is even easier with Variable Effort Ratio Steering, which provides light, agile steering at low speeds and, to avoid over-steering, heavier steering at higher speeds.

Ag Management Solutions: When you are in the field working, there are a number of responsibilities and factors that must be taken into account. The Ag Management Solutions system is designed to alleviate some of this stress by automating some tasks, as seen below:

  • AutoTrac: This feature allows the operator to define the correction signal they want to use in the field with hands-free guidance that allows them to reduce overlap by up to 90%.
  • FieldDoc: Allows the operator to have all the application data automatically recorded in the field. From tillage to sowing, spraying and spreading fertilizers, the operator can record all the details of field activities.
  • iGuide: With this feature, your tractor will automatically adjust attachments to compensate for drift on uneven terrain, which can cause gaps or overlap.
  • iSteer: Actively compensates for drift, thanks to SBG Innovative hydraulics and sensors
John Deere 7230

For the planting season to be successful, several components need to come together, including favorable planting conditions, a motivated farmer (s), and the right machinery and equipment to put the farmer in the best position to achieve. the success.

Let’s take a look at 5 key characteristics of 7230 and discuss how each of them can help farmers achieve all of their planting season goals.

  1. The John Deere 7230 features a pressure and flow compensated (PFC) closed center hydraulic system with 29 gpm flow at the controls and 405 psi to 2900 psi variable working pressure. Depending on the size of the load that is placed on the machine, a valve on the pump can immediately start pump flow when needed. Hydraulic system benefits include reduced engine load, improved fuel efficiency, and improved engine cooling, which are critical during long hours of planting in the field.
  2. This machine features a 6.8L air and water cooled motor that supplies the motor load and responds instantly to pump flow. The system senses engine load and responds instantly as needed to get through tough spots. The fuel injection system reduces the number of downshifts, resulting in fewer terrain variations and higher overall tractor productivity.
  3. We understand that the sowing process goes beyond the tractor itself. The John Deere 7230 includes a series of Laforge hitches (the standard St3, the standard St4.2 and the premium Pr4.2) that allow implements of all sizes to be added to the tractor to aid in the seeding process. The premium hitch is especially useful for farmers during the planting season; in fact, it is recommended for heavy use or when extreme shock loads from tillage implements are expected.
  4. The Command Center feature links tractor controls and performance into a simple interface that allows adjustments to the entire tractor, including hitch, hydraulics, and other features, increasing overall productivity. It also has built-in performance monitoring functions, such as PTO speed, coolant temperature, engine hours, engine speed, hitch lift limit and much more, to provide operators with an interface to monitor your machines while they are in the field.
  5. Long days in the field can be exhausting, but the John Deere 7230 features a ComfortGard cab that aims to minimize wear and tear on the farmer during the long days of the planting season. Doors, panels and glass are precisely adjusted to close off areas where insects, dust, dirt or moisture could enter. In addition, both the engine and the cab are supported by rubber isolation mounts to reduce vibrations. Panoramic doors eliminate the center post, increasing visibility (up to 320 degrees of visibility), especially for side-mounted implements.

These features make the John Deere 7230 Row Crop Tractor a critical piece for the planting season, providing ample power, versatility and comfort to make long hours in the field less demanding. With the help of favorable conditions, hard work, and dedication, the 7230 gives the farmer the ability to achieve successful results.

The John Deere 7230 is slightly larger than the John Deere 7130 tractor, but it is not as large as the John Deere 7330. The engine that powers the JD 7230 is a PowerTech 6068HL280 designed and built by JD. This engine provides the row crop tractor with a maximum power of 135 hp. It is liquid-cooled by a cooling system that requires up to 33.7 liters of coolant in the cab model, while the system requires only 31 liters of coolant in the open operator station model. The 6-cylinder engine has a displacement of 6.8 liters. The lubrication system can hold up to 19.7 liters of oil to prevent any of the moving parts from severe wear.

John Deere 7230

The John Deere 7230 fuel tank holds 207 liters of diesel. However, there is the option to expand it to 249.8 liters. The JD 7230 rear hitch is Category 2 with a safe rear lift capacity of 2683 kg (5915 lbs). There is a premium and a regular model of this tractor, both extremely customizable when buying new, so you can always get one with the features you want.

John Deere

  1. John Deere 7230 Premium
  2. John Deere 7230 R


Most of the time standing still and waiting for repairs. No joy.

Very comfortable and powerful tractor. Good for long harvest days. Exceeds all expectations.

Has a comfortable seat, a very quiet cabin, impressive power, excellent suspension that provides a smooth ride.

Decidedly powerful engine, powered by diesel, perfectly matched rated speed, turbocharging, 12V start, large 24V battery, equipped with an alternator, rather typical lighting, PTO plus, no emergency braking assistance, disc Heavy tractor, well done on a big, big, long farm, wheels set wide apart, 2WD, hydrostatic control, transmission without timing, power shift, two clutches inside the transmission and electro control, advanced transmission, allows you to shift under load, a large number of gears forward. Informative manual in case you face problems.

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