Candles Lotion


I have been a customer of Kandiyohi Candle Company for a number of years and really love all their products but especially their candles. The candles burn for a long time, are clean burning (no black smoke from the wick) and they have a wide variety of fragrances. They burn evenly all the way around in the jars no matter what the size.

In addition, the staff is friendly and very helpful. They have created a store for their candles and many other products from other centers and it is a fun place to browse and visit.

B. Sokolosky, Flash Marketing

I have dry skin to the Nth degree - my hands hurt because they are so dry. I tried the Kandiyohi Candle Company soy lotion for my hands and was astounded at how quickly it sunk into my skin and kepy my hands hydrated. I started out with one small container for my purse and quickly had to purchase the large size for my dresser, desk at work and kitchen counter. This is the best moisturizing lotion ever - the many fragrances keep it fresh to the senses.

S. Bovie, Minneapolis

In the past years I have enjoyed the Soy Products and Variety of gift items at the Kandi Candle Co. Great things you just can't find anywhere else.

Pat Clark

We have found that Kandlyohi candles make excellent gifts to old classmates and prior residents of our area. They just love to get something in the mail that has the name of their prior home.

Bonnie Martinson